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aging Brain Decline

Thwarting a protein reverses it in aged mice:

The team used two techniques to block VCAM1: One of them genetically deleted the protein from the mice’s brains. Another injected an antibody that binds to it to stop anything else attaching. Both methods prevented signs of brain aging in young mice infused with old plasma and reversed existing markers in elderly mice brains. The researchers then gave the mice learning and memory tests. In one, which involves remembering which of several holes is safe to drop through, treated elderly mice performed as well as youngsters once fully trained. “The aged mice looked like they were young again in terms of their ability to learn and remember,” Dubal says. “It’s remarkable.”

Faster, please.

The Mann Lawsuit

We have filed a petition to the Supreme Court to grant a writ of certiori.

[Mid-morning update]

National Review has filed as well. Their petition is here.

[Update mid-afternoon]

A reminder that we have 24 amici curiae in this. I suspect they’ll join the petition, and Mann will remain amiciless.

[Update a couple minutes later]

I also see that in re-reading that (I may have noted it at the time), that they misspell “warm mongers” in citing the blog post, and attribute my Jerry Sandusky comment to Mark Steyn, who was quoting me.

[Friday-morning update]

Here’s the press release from CEI. And the Daily Caller has a story on it.


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